It is super straightforward. 

STEP 1. Make sure we take what you wanna send in. We’re looking to publish poetry, essays on the reading and composition of poetry, and interviews with readers and writers of poetry directed at an english-reading audience. To develop on this last bit, we would like to assure you that we most definitely welcome work constructed around words and expressions in languages beyond english as long as the arsenal of multilingual dictionnaires, spot translation services, and pronunciation guides available on the internet suffice to render it comprehensible to a reader of english. Also, please don’t send us previously published pieces unless the location of previous publication was your social media profile or a high school or college/university literary or art magazine. Simultaneous subs are fine. Lastly, we aren’t able to pay contributors right now. If you’re down with all this stuff, you may proceed to…

STEP 2. Prepare your submission, which should include three to six poems, one or more critical essays, and/or one or more interviews, as an electronic document of some sort. Within that document, feel free to use the formatting that suits your fancy. Please do name your document distinctively. No, filenames do not inform our editorial decisions. We’re just trying to keep your submission from getting lost in a sea of files named “3poems.docx.”

(the optional) STEP 3. Put anything you want us to know about you in a separate document – with one exception: no credentials. No prizes, no fellowships, no school names, no degrees, no publishing houses, no journal titles. We wanna think about your work, not your reputation. If this doesn’t read like a bio statement, we’ll ask you for one upon acceptance.

STEP 4. Send us that submission! We’re not paying for newfangled shit like Submittable, so you don’t even have to worry about setting up an account there. All you need to do is attach the submission materials you’ve created to an email and send that to No pressure to structure the body of the email in any particular way, just do what’s natural for you. Also, if you use the email address you set up when you were 14 and still an Arthur superfan, we’re seriously not gonna judge you.

BONUS INFO – WHAT WE’RE LOOKING FOR. If you’d like to get a feel for what we’re interested in, you can check out our Issues and take a gander at these poems: