Yeah, you read correctly. Welcome to yet another godforsaken online literary journal. Maybe you’re feeling largely indifferent about us. Maybe you’re thinking “aha, this place looks pretty unprofessional, small-scale, and thirsty for submissions…seems like I’m finally gonna get published!” (Honestly, we’ll take it. You wouldn’t be wrong…well, at least not about the first bit. No guarantees on that publication.) We certainly hope you’re not thinking “Why, oh why did somebody else decide to further pollute the internet with another lit mag??” – but if you are, please entertain us: we can explain. 

We think that the poetry world is a bit too much like a wall of turned backs, a bit too much of a club, and we’re trying to stake out some space to counter that dynamic. In virtually every literary magazine, author bios rattle off qualifications like prizes, prior publications, and diplomas. Sometimes it seems like poets have to name-drop and network like business-class serpents to get their writing out there. Come on: this isn’t a fucking career fair. Why bother with all of this professionalism? We’re writers. We get to let ourselves be indecent, ridiculous, overindulgent, dramatic, whatever the hell we want. 

According to us, poetry shouldn’t bind itself to anything that behaves like a goddamn CV. Poetry should speak to everybody and menace the status quo, or at the very least give it some side-eye. Poetry is not just for rich white men. Poetry should unsettle the parts of us that hold power in the same instant that it heals us where we’re hurt. Poetry should always invite interrogation. 

If you’re holding down a day job (or maybe two) where nobody as much as mentions poetry, feeling useless and unseen as an high school or undergraduate student naked of snazzy writing credentials, working the night shift with your head bursting with words, at home building a family and jotting down lines between diaper changes – you name it – and you’re reading and writing in the margins of your life, however large or small they may be, then this journal is for you (it’s for you if you’re a professional poet, too, but hey, you already knew that). Whoever you are, we’re mighty glad to have you.